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Welcome to Dan's Comp Bikes

Dan's Comp Spring Sale

Scott Addict 2014

Dan's Comp Bikes has the best bikes from Scott like the Scott Addict, stop by today and get the Addict!

Cannondale Bicycles And Accessories Are Here!

Dan's Comp Bikes is your Cannondale bicycle headquarters!

Cannondale's relentless pursuit of innovation results in some of the lightest, best-riding road, off-road and city bikes on the planet, and outstanding clothing and accessories, too. Come experience the Cannondale difference at Dan's Comp Bikes!

We've Got Scott Bicycles!

Dan's Comp Bikes carries the best bike from Scott bicycles, stop by today and see our great selection!

Get A Specialized Bicycle And Let The Fun Begin!

Nothing feels as good as a Specialized mountain bike!
From light and snappy hardtails, to plush downhill bikes and everything in-between, Specialized makes awesome mountain bikes to satisfy your needs. Stop by and have a look!
See our road bikes! See our hybrid bikes! See our kids' bikes!
Light, fast and podium-ready, Specialized road bicycles are designed with speed in mind. Whether it's for century rides, racing or fun, check out our slick road rides soon! Escape to the outdoors on a versatile Specialized bicycle. We've got your perfect ride for all types of riding. Come take a test ride and get ready to enjoy every day on two wheels! Specialized's childrens' bikes are fun, built to last and safe. Get your young ones setup to ride and open the door to laughter, memories and adventure!

Browse Our GT Catalog

GT Force 1.0
GT Zaskar Carbon 100 Hans Rey
GT Force Carbon Pro
GT Force 3.0
GT Force 1.0 - 2013

GT's Force 1.0 combines rugged dependability of a bigger bike with the… [more]

GT Zaskar Carbon 100 Hans Rey - 2013

Out on the race course and deep in the backcountry on all-day epics, GT's… [more]

GT Force Carbon Pro - 2014

Shredding trail with GT's Force Carbon Pro is a lesson in enduro mastery.… [more]

GT Force 3.0 - 2013

With its impressive features, solid spec and remarkable ride, your riding… [more]

Our Daily Cycling Tip

Finesse Front Shifts - One of the hardest-working parts on your bike is also one of the smallest. It's the front derailleur, that little widget that sits just above the crankset. This important device moves the chain onto the different chainrings when you shift. Because the rings vary so greatly in size and because the derailleur is moving adjacent to the chain, the front derailleur gets a major workout on every ride. And, if you just slam your bike into gear, you're asking for trouble. It's much better to finesse front shifts by easing off on pedal pressure and letting the rings gradually engage the shifting chain. If you can do this, shifts will be smoother, your chain, derailleur and rings will last longer, and you'll avoid problems with the chain falling off the chainrings.


Feature Items

Cannondale Slice RS Dura-Ace Di2
Cannondale Slice RS Dura-Ace Di2 - 2014

Cannondale's Slice RS Dura-Ace Di2 is the perfect pedal-powered razor to shave chunks off your next triathlon and/or time trial. This slippery sled… [more]

Schwinn Frontier - Women's
Schwinn Frontier - Women's - 2014

Schwinn's Women's Frontier is perfect for getting out and exploring the frontier, your neighborhood and anywhere else you want to roam! Its robust… [more]

Specialized Demo 8 II
Specialized Demo 8 II - 2014

Specialized's Demo 8 II is built to dismantle the world's toughest, gnarliest downhill courses. Its legendary FSR suspension smooths any trail in a… [more]

Specialized Butcher Control Tire (29-inch)
Specialized Butcher Control Tire (29-inch)

Perfect for the growing genre of 29er all-mountain and freeride bikes, Specialized's Butcher Control Tire is a lighter version of the Butcher DH. Its… [more]

Schwinn City 3
Schwinn City 3 - 2013

Schwinn's City 3 is a versatile, fun city bike that'll get you around town in style. Its nimble-handling aluminum frame gets you up to speed fast and… [more]

Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Carbon EVO 29 Frame
Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Carbon EVO 29 Frame - 2013

Total trail domination is inevitable on Specialized's Stumpjumper FSR Carbon EVO 29 Frame. Slacker and lower, this fully capable EVO rig gets down… [more]

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